The history and lore of the Jersey Tomato can date back as far as
    the 18th century. Natives of Northern New Jersey, Scott Stark and
    David Stoff's history does not date back quite as far. After meeting
    in college and forming a close friendship the two set out on similar
    yet different paths after graduation. Scott started a wholesale
    produce business helping to bring local farmers products to the
    market and David worked as a consultant with some of the finest     restaurants in the tri-state area. Both self proclaimed foodies they
    realized the best tomatoes in the world are from New Jersey, but
    yet you can only find them for three months out of the year. In their
    minds this was unacceptable and they went straight to the kitchen.
    In the end they created a Gluten Free, Low Sodium, delicious tomato    sauce with No Added Sugars, and at that moment Two Guys Jersey
   Tomato Sauce was born! This is our way of making it possible to enjoy    delicious Jersey Tomatoes year round.

    Scott and Dave

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